Welcome to St Patrick's Sandown, Sacred Heart Shanklin and Our Lady and St Wilfrid's Ventnor

logo We are a Catholic Parish made up of three communities on the Isle of Wight, in the Portsmouth Diocese. South Wight Parish is on the south east of the Island and comprises Sandown, Shanklin and Ventnor. However we serve villages as far as part of Bembridge, Arreton, Wroxall and Niton.


         July - the Month of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus

                   (from Portsmouth Catholic Diocese e-News Issue 235)       

        We have now entered the high summer month of July, a month in which we         honour the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. St. John XXIII especially wanted us 

to have a vibrant devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus, the price of our redemption, and the pledge of our salvation and eternal life. When we receive Holy Communion from the chalice during this month, let us pray that the Lord will wash away all our sins and forgive and convert those who bring bloodshed and violence to our world. Sometimes, sadly, I have heard people refer to Holy Communion from the chalice as “receiving the wine” - a terrible mistake! Let’s never refer to ‘wine’ but only to the Precious Blood. In 1960, Pope John asked the Congregation of Rites to compose a litany in honour of the Precious Blood. It is a beautiful prayer that you can slowly reflect on. Please pray it often this month. You can find it here.